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Proposed Budget

Proposed BudgetActualProposed Budget
2022-2023 2022-2023 2023-2024
Membership Dues$18,000.00$18,000.00$18,000.00
Provisional Dues$1,400$1,400.00$1,050.00
Individual Contributions:
Education Fund0$6,700.00$1,000.00
Total Individual Contributions$3,000.00$14,740.00 (1)$2,000.00
GCA Grant P4P00 (2)$3,000.00
Annual Meeting Luncheon,contributions from members$2,000.00$2,250.00$2,000.00
Other Income:
Agave Sale$500.00$765.00 (3)0
Ways & Means$5,000.00$8,890.00$3,000.00
Sale bouquets & tomato bombs 0$1,460.000
Total Other Income$5,500.00$11,115.00$3,000.00
Total Club Income$29,900.00$47,505.00$29,050.00
Annual Dues to GCA$3,968.00$3,968.00$3,906.00
GCA Conferences$2,720.00$3,135.00$6,360.00 (4)
Total GCA Expenses$6,688.00$7,103.00$10,266.00
Administration Expenses:
Accountant Fees$1,600.00$1,495.00$1,600.00
Bank Fees (SD Box, Check Printing)$50.00$138.00$50.00
Computer & Software$150.0000
Newsletter, Stationery, Roster$900.00$900.00$950.00
Post Office Box Rental$120.00$156.00$156.00
Tax Filing Fees$25.00$50.00$50.00
Website Domain & Maintenance$1,300.00$1,890.00$2,000.00
Total Administration Expenses$4,295.00$4,920.00$5,006.00
Committee Expenses:
Floral Design$1,300.00$1,154.00$1,000.00
Garden History & Design$50.00$60.00$100.00
Hospitality for meetings (coffee, rentals, etc.$2,500.00$514.00$650.00
Annual Meeting Luncheon$3,900.00$4,359.00$4,500.00
Special Occasions (flowers, gifts)$200.00$200.00$500.00
Visiting Gardens$00$250.00
Total Committee Expenses$15,600.00$11,737.00$16,300.00
Outreach Programs:
Christmas Workshop$850.00$1085.00$800.00
Club Flower Show$17,800.00$11,391.00 (5)0
Total Outreach$25,650.00$24,626.00$5,800.00
Total Club Expenses$52,233.00$48,386.00$37,372.00
Other Expenses
Partners 4 Plants00$3,000.00
Net Income (Loss) before Adjustments($22,333.00)($881.00)($11,322.00)
Adjustments for restricted income received in one year, used in subsequent year:
GCA Meneice Horticulture Conference$500.00$500.000
Scholarships - Add prior year restricted income/carryover used$5,407.00$5,407.00$1,297.00
Scholarships - Deduct current year restricted income carried forward0($1,297.00)0
Education Fund - Deduct restricted income carried forward0($6,700.00)0
Education Fund - Add prior year restricted income / carryover used00$2,500.00
Flower Show - Add prior year restricted income / carryover used$17,800.00$11,391.00 (5)0
Total Adjustments to Income$23,707.00$9,301.00$3,797.00
NET OPERATING INCOME (LOSS)$1,374.00$8,420.00($7,525.00)
Other Designated Expenditures
City Hall (from Ridder funds)$2,000.00$2,417.00$5,099.00
HM Library and Piccadilly Park (from Endowment)$8,000.00$5,166.00$8,000.00
Partner for Plants (see line 58 above for FY2022) $1,525 from camellia sale + $875 from Endowment $2,400.00$3,500.00 (6)0
(1) Excludes $1,200 in donations to Founders Endowment
(2) For 2022-23 sec P4P no line 96 (no GCA grant)
(3) Income from sale of agaves attributed to Civics Committee and used to offset Civics expenses.
(4) Conservation Conference 1@$450
NAL 2 @ $415 = $830
Zone Meeting 2 @ $295 = $590
Annual Meeting 2@$495 =$990
Total registration fees =$2,860
+$500 pp travel stipend ×7 delegates =$3,500
Total GCA conference expense =$6,360
(5) $6,439 unused Flower Show funds from 2019 wil be carried over for future flower show.
(6) P4P used $1,525 carryover from Meneice camelia sale +$1,975 from Endowment.

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